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Liveaboard Croatia: Wreck Peltastis, »The Greek«

One of the stops on our Liveaboard trip through North Croatia Wrecks is also Peltastis or The Greek, as locals like to call her, as she was sailed under Greek flag until that fatal night of 8th January 1968. Strong storm with Bora came and Peltastis left Jurjevo to find better shelter, but the storm won this battle and Peltastis finished her journey on the east shore of island Krk, some 50m offshore from town Šilo. Peltastis, a 60m long cargo ship is now resting on the muddy sea floor. We can start seeing her from the depth of 7m, as her stern mast is at approximately 12m deep. It is best to continue diving along the mast and at 20m we reach the ships bridge. From here we can dive all the way to the stern and propellers at 32m, which is also the deepest point of the dive or we can go to more shallow, just to find the bow area at approximately 15m. To ascent we can use now bow mast. Especially on the stern it is possible to enter the ship and look around the bridge, storage and some other chambers.

In 2012 Marjan Radovič used it as a gallery and had a underwater photo exhibition inside this sunken beauty.

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