Frontier Adriatic | Winter survival camp
Winter survival camp teaches you basic survival techniques for tough winter conditions.
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Winter survival camp

For all winter enthusiasts

Quick highlights:

  • Basic survival techniques in tough winter condition
  • Beautiful mountains in hinterlands of Adriatic sea
Length: 2 days
Group Size: minimum 4
Season: by request
Difficulty: advanced
Category: Survival
Price (from):
150EUR per person

What to expect

Winter is beautiful and many of us love to go out in to the wild in winter time. But conditions are different and much tougher during the winter, especially if you are not prepared for it. If you also like winter times, we will teach you how to survive in harsh winter conditions in snow, ice and cold.
You will learn technics specific for surviving in cold winter conditions. How to stay warm, how to sleep outside without proper equipment and stay alive, how to move in deep snow and not lose much of energy and of course where to get food and how to get water from snow. It is also essential that you can make a fire in wet winter conditions, so we will teach you few techniques to do just that.
Our instructors are fully certified with many years of experience and your safety is our main responsibility.


Winter conditions make surviving even more difficult, due to low temperature and wet terrain. The principle is the same as in Basic Survival Camp but adjusted to winter conditions. We will go through different techniques and principles of surviving.

  • Psychology of surviving
  • How to act in survival situation
  • How to select safe location for your shelter
  • How to build/improvise your shelter from limited, natural goods
  • Methods of fire making (also in bad weather conditions)
  • Survival kit – what is it & how to use it?
  • Signaling and marking your position
  • How to find & treat water
  • Finding food
  • Basic navigation
  • Night navigation
  • Tracking
  • How to avoid wild animals?
  • How to make & use tools & weapons for protection
  • First aid
  • Basic knots

No need for previous experience or attendance of any other of our camps. Though Winter Survival Camp is a bit more demanding, it’s winter time, we will be in mountains, temperature will be low and terrain wet. Get ready.

Group size

Minimum 4 people

2 days

Winter Survival Camp is usually taking place on Velebit mountain range. Velebit is a beautiful mountain range rising from the Adriatic sea with beautiful views over it. Of course it depends on weather and snow conditions. Your safety is always our first responsibility.

There is no real itinerary because everything we will do is kind of spontaneous but on the other hand well planned and in safe environment.


150€ per person


28.11.2015  Papuk Nature park, Croatia

Winter Survival Camps are organized when there is enough interest (follow us on web or social media) or by request from your group (min 3-4 people).

The price includes:

  • Professional instructor
  • Different survival tools and kits that we will be using

Not Included:

  • Food & water
  • Transfer

What to pack:

  • Sleeping bag
  • Knife
  • Some food and water
  • Lamp/Headlamp
  • preživetje v naravi
  • preživetje v naravi
  • preživetje v naravi


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