North Croatia Sea Kayaking Adventure

The best playground for kayaking in Croatia

Quick highlights:

  • 6 islands
  • Numerous beaches
  • Underwater cave Medova buža
  • Expedition type of adventure
  • Prison island – Sv. Grgur
  • Griffin vultures
  • Different archaeological sites
  • Cliff
Length: 8 days
Group Size: 4-12
Season: March - October
Difficulty: Medium
Starting Point: Rab, Rab island
Nearest Airport: Rijeka, Zadar
Price (from):

What to expect on North Croatia sea kayak adventure?

Sea kayaking adventure in North Croatia is a true expedition style adventure as the route takes us to 6 North Croatian islands (island Rab, island Sv. Grgur, island Prvič, island Krk, island Plavnik & island Cres) in 8 days. We are exploring this rugged but diverse coastline where even in the top season it is easy to find peace. On the way we will visit and explore amazing coves, a cave, abandoned settlements, cliffs, the biggest Eurasian bird – the Griffon Vulture, and enjoy many amazing sceneries. This is an expedition type of sea kayaking tour, which means we carry most of our supplies with us in our sea kayaks. But no worries we have full outside assistance if and whenever needed.

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Northern Adriatic sea kayak adventure demands some physical condition as we will be active from 3 to sometimes also 8 hours a day. Besides sea kayaking, there is also posiblle to do some not demanding hiking to explore this beautiful pristine islands, as well as swimming and snorkeling. If you are in good physical condition you are welcome to join us even as a first-timer.

Group size

Minimun 4 people, Maximum 12 people

What to pack

Warm clothes

Sun hat

Sun cream

Personal stuff


SEA KAYAKING CROATIA – North Adriatic islands

Island Rab 15km

Our sea kayaking adventure in North Croatia will start in our base on the island Rab at 8:30 am on the day of the start of the tour. After meeting Your guide and support team, You will be transferred to the starting point to prepare the kayaks and load them with supplies.  Once the “hard work” is done, we can start with our kayaking adventure. On the first day, we will head south and around the most southern cape to the East side of the island. The route will take us along the East side of the island Rab, with sandy and rocky shores. We will set a campsite on one of the remote sandy beaches and enjoy the peaceful night at the campsite, where we will prepare the dinner. As this is an expedition type tour, usually the whole group acts as one family and everyone is participating in camp set-up and dinner preparation. Of course, you don’t have to but this adds to the whole experience.


GeoPark Rab – Prison Island (Sv. Grgur) 18km

On the second day, we will explore Geological Park of Rab, its cliffs as well as a cave, that the bravest will be able to jump in. We will also kayak past Lopar peninsula that represent the true Mediterranean atmosphere with its white sandy beaches melt with the pine forest and rare sandy dunes which are shaped by the wind, salt, and erosion. After the lunch break, we will point our kayaks North to the Island of St. Gregory (Sv. Grgur).  This Croatian island is a former political prison with an interesting history.  Historical remains are still there as well as steep cliffs crowned by military lookout bunkers. This isolated island is perfect for our peaceful sea kayak expedition trip, a lot to discover and learn but far from crowds and mass tourism. We’ll set our camp on the shore near the small restaurant where deer from the island come close to the people and you can also feed them.


Prison Island – Prvič island – Krk 20km

In the morning we will continue with the exploration of the island, where we will find remains left from the socialist era, but the island is also rich in flora – fig trees, therapeutic herbs like sage, immortelle, and thyme. Afterward, we will start kayaking towards island Krk. On the way to the biggest island in Croatia, Krk, we will first have to kayak pass the island of Prvič, where honey producers have their own realm and if the season is right we will see them around. Our goal for the day is one of the numerous picturesque beaches near town Baška on island Krk.


Baška – Krk town 15km

Krk is as mentioned the biggest Croatian island, meaning that we will be back in civilization after a few nights spent on remote locations. From Baška we will start kayaking towards our new campsite. As today is a chance to spend some time among the people, we will stop in the town of Krk, where we will have the chance to enjoy a coffee, ice cream or maybe even dinner as our campsite is close to the town so we can stay in town longer.


Krk town – island Plavnik 14km

After breakfast, we’ll clean our campsite, pack our sea kayaks and start kayaking towards the small, uninhabited Island of Plavnik. Crossing the channel to Plavnik should take us around 1 hour, after which we will reach our new campsite. The island is known for old and mystical holm oak forest that spreads all the way to the sea and our campsite. Island is uninhabited although short hike will take us to the abandoned village at the top of the Island. Island is used as a hunting ground, especially for deers and big-horned goats. But there are many sheeps on the island as well and is not rare that they hang out around the campsite, which is quite nice.


Island Plavnik – The Beach, island Cres 20km

Today it will be the longest paddle of your sea kayaking tour, but this is actually a good news.  We will be kayaking beneath impressive high cliffs of island Cres, where the rare Griffon Vultures are nesting. The game plan is to quietly glide through the water beneath the cliffs and observe the Vultures without disturbing them, just enjoying their company and their impressive size and high flights. After that, we will continue to push our sea kayaks along the coast of island Cres before reaching a beautiful beach, which we will be our host for the night.


The Beach – Beli 8km

Cres is not a small island, actually, it is the second biggest in Croatia, right after island Krk, some even fight that Cres is the bigger of two. So our last day of paddling North Adriatic islands will continue along the almost uninhabited east coast of island Cres. Beautiful cliffs carved with amazing beaches and Griffon Vultures will be accompanying also on the last day. Our last campsite will be a small camp on a beautiful beach under a small village of Beli. A perfect place to ease your mind and enjoy last hours of your sea kayaking adventure in Croatia. A small village of Beli doesn’t offer only beautiful beach for our last night but is also a home to ornithological reserve, where they keep track and help Griffon Vultures. The area around the town is called Tramontana, it is an oasis of powerful and wild nature. So if you have enough energy we encourage you to head into Tramontana forest and explore the mysterious labyrinths, Celtic tombs, and Roman ruins. Our last dinner will be served in the nearby local restaurant.



Like all the good things, also your sea kayaking holidays in Croatia comes to an end. We will have a nice peaceful breakfast before packing and cleaning the campsite. We will organize transfer to Town Cres for you where there is a Bus station connected to the Croatian mainland. As an option, we can also transfer you to Krk Island, where you have Rijeka Airport or you simply drive back to island Rab with us. Another option is to kayak to the Ferry port of Valbiska on Krk from where you can either head straight home or back to the island of Rab, but this option needs to be arranged before the trip as it impacts the itinerary.

Price & Dates: 

Start Date
Price (Eur)
APRIL 2019
6, 13, 20, 27800
MAY 2019
4, 11, 18, 25
JUNE 2019
1, 8, 15, 22, 29
JULY 2019
7, 14, 21, 28800
4, 11, 18, 25800
7, 14, 21, 28800
OCTOBER 20195, 12, 19, 26800

Included in the price

Expert guide (BCU 4stars)

SeaKayak Prion Excursion (double) or Touryak (single)

Life jacket, spray skirt, dry bag,

Food & Water – All meals starting from lunch on Day 1 to breakfast on Day 8. Last dinner in Restaurant

Camping site

Tourist tax

Transfer to starting point on Rab Island and transfer to Cres bus station on the last day + options in Trip Info

Not included

Sleeping bag – can be hired from us for 15,00 €/tour

Tent, single or double (can be hired from us for 25,00 €/tour)

Any entrance tickets as optional (+4,00 € Monastery and + 4,00 € Vulture Center)

Food & Drinks in restaurant

Any transfer not discribed in itinerary

Ferry ticket on last day transfer (+3,00 €)

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