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Advanced survival camp

Test your limit

Quick highlights:

  • Applying skills learned in Basic Survival Camp
  • Simulation of a real survival scenario
  • New skills
Length: 2 days
Group Size: minimum 4
Season: by request
Difficulty: advanced
Category: Survival
Price (from):
150EUR per person

What to expect

This is where the adventure really begins. Advanced Survival Camp will take you to wilderness, where you will have to apply everything you’ve learned in a Basic Survival Camp to »survive«. This is where the real learning of survival skills starts. We will simulate a real survival scenario. You will realize how theory is much different than finding yourself alone on an unknown territory.
What if i get lost and find myself on an unknown territory? What are the priorities? Cold, anger, loneliness, depression, hunger are all emotions that can brake you or make you. How to come out of this situation as a winner? Advanced Survival Camp will give you all the answers on all those questions and more.
Our instructors are fully certified with many years of experience and your safety is our main responsibility.


Our Advanced Survival Camp is all about implementing all the knowledge from Basic Survival Camp. Although we always adapt to the group, their wishes, experience, knowledge and level of adventure they are looking for, the plan is to simulate survival scenario.
Basic Survival Camp is a must if you want to join us on Advanced Survival Camp.

Group size

Minimum 4 people

2 days

After meeting we go through a short briefing, so we all understand the plan. We make a story and survival scenario begins. As our instructors are always around to help, you will also learn quite a lot of new stuff.

For example: We drop you in the water in vicinity of the island and you have to swim to the coast. Of course you have to get dry and find/make safe shelter first, set camp site, make a fire and find some water and maybe food….
After our extensive Advanced Survival Camp you will finish with many new skills and a lot of confidence in your backpack. It is hard to say the exact itinerary because everything is quite spontaneous and natural.

Advanced Camps are organized on different locations in North Croatia (1,5h drive from Ljubljana) and Istria-it all depends on weather conditions and Your wishes (if You are a group)


150€ per person


Advanced Survival Camps are organized when there is enough interest or by request from your group (min 4 people).  Follow us on web or social media for dates or put yourself on a waiting list and we will conact you as soon as we have a date.

What does the price include?

Professional instructor
Different survival tools and kits that we will be using

Not Included:

Food & water

What to pack:

Sleeping bag
Some food and water

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