Sea Kayak Croatia

Sea kayaking in Croatia is an intimate experience between you and nature
Sea kayaking Croatia

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Most beautiful kayaking spots in the Adriatic

Heaps of fun extra activities

like hiking, snorkeling and fun sports

Numerous beaches and coves to explore

Friendly and experienced guides

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There’s nothing more fascinating and beautiful than early morning paddling in mirror-like sea and a sunrise on the horizon.

Sea Kayaking in Croatia and its 1000 islands is an unforgettable experience. Our trips are full outdoor adventures, with lots of paddling in crystal clear Adriatic Sea and lots of other activities that nature is providing along the way (swimming in caves, cliff jumping…). Also, nights are in accordance with the spirit of the whole adventure, as we usually set a camp on one of the countless beautiful beaches on our way.

We are always on the green side

On our kayaking trips, we are using only the biodegradable liquids and soaps for dishwashing and showering. While paddling, any plastic object in the sea will be collected and proceeded for recycling if possible. After camping on the remote beaches we always check out if there is anything that we have left behind, as we always leave something – our footprints. We also use a portable toilet system with a biodegradable bag.

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