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Who we are

We traveled the world, we met different cultures, cuisines, cities, coasts, environments, and wildernesses. We loved it! And like people around the world showed us all the beauties and secretes of their frontiers and cultures, we would now like to share our small, but amazing part of the world with you, show you all the hidden places and secretes that you can’t really find on your own or in Lonely Planet. Frontier Adriatic is full of natural beauty and unusual human stories that we want you to experience.

We are a team of like-minded friends. And what is on our mind? As first we all agree that life is beautiful and that we all have to live it to its full potential. And how we do that? We are all passionate about what we do, and our passion became our lifestyle, our “job”, our everything. Red line of everything we do is sport, adventure, discoveries, adrenalin, love and respect for the nature and outdoors.

We were all lucky to spend our childhood (and more) in this beautiful place and our love for adventure gave us the opportunity to get to know Frontier Adriatic in deep. Together with our expertise in different fields, as our team is formed by renowned sailors, kayakers and divers, you will get true Adriatic experience and lifelong memories.

Where we operate

Our playground

Frontier Adriatic comprises the six countries surrounding the Adriatic Sea (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Italy, Montenegro and Slovenia). Our playground is a unique place where the mountains meet the sea and we are exploiting and discovering all of its beauties. With its emerald waters surrounding more than 1300 islands, numerous beaches, coves, caves and cliffs, this place is just paradise calling for pristine adventure.

And where the coastline ends, beautiful mountains in hinterlands starts – full of natural and national parks, canyons, beautiful rivers, waterfalls and forests.
And on top of its natural beauties, Adriatic culture and history is rich as Romans, Byzantines and Venetians had great impact on the area. One just has to fall in love with Adriatic, its people, charm, gastronomy, well preserved old towns, castles, palaces, monuments, native architecture and of course our adventures and outdoor lifestyle.

Our team


Founder / Guide

Sport and adventure were always a big part of Uroš’s life. At first his obsession was tennis, later snowboarding. After a back injury, he stayed involved as a snowboarding instructor and started sail racing. Today he is professionally involved in sailing and sailmaking.

With different teams, Uroš won pretty much all important races in the Adriatic and participated in races in different locations around the world. His biggest racing achievement to date is being the first Slovenian to ever win a transatlantic race. On an expedition in 2016 Uroš and team sailed pretty much to the end of the World – 80°N is where ice starts and is impossible to sail further.

Uroš’s affair with Adriatic started long before that, when he was just a kid. After many amazing sailing, diving and kayaking adventures, he established Frontier Adriatic. On one side to promote this unique corner of the world and on the other to give people from around the world chance to experience and learn about it.


customer and public relations

If Uroš is the engine of Frontier Adriatic then Nina is definitely the heart. With her warmth and great feeling for people she is taking care of the team and customers. Nina actually finished law school and later worked for different banks, as well as for Slovenian Basketball Federation. But like everybody else here, she is an outdoors person, she loves to travel and is big fan of sport, she is especially good in winter sports, but she also loves wakeboarding and cruising on a sailboat along the Adriatic coast.

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