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Yacht Charter Croatia

21 Dec Things to do in Croatia

It’s time to explore this hidden part of the world where exquisite beaches make a rendezvous with far reaching mountains and travel veterans chase their footprints in the unexplored pristine nature. [caption id="attachment_17211" align="alignnone" width="400"] Beautiful islands[/caption] Welcome to the land where mountains meet the see –...

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Charter Croatia

11 Oct Yacht charter Croatia – How to

Chartering a yacht in Croatia is in many ways great idea and most of the time much better then owning one. Especially because you can charter a yacht one week in Zadar and the next in Dubrovnik or somewhere in between, which means you can easily jump from...

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09 Dec Jabuka regatta 2014

Another year, another great Jabuka edition. In one of my previous edits I wrote about last year and the concept of how we do Jabuka race, now I will only share few thoughts on this year’s edition. This year we had 7 SeaScapes 27 joining...

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